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The Connecticut Green LEAF Schools program is a collaborative effort of the Connecticut Departments of Construction Services, Education, Energy and Environmental Protection and Public Health, as well as many Connecticut environmental and educational organizations created to promote green and healthy schools for all.  Find Out More About It: CT Green LEAF Schools


Sustaining TfS

 TfS is an ongoing program. School districts that maintain their TfS have continued success in making improvements and educating staff, students and parents about how they can help maintain healthy school building environments.   Each school year, the building teams should implement the process of documenting and assessing problems, prioritizing solutions, and working with the school administration to prevent and remediate problems. Don’t forget to communicate your findings and actions to the school community – we have ample evidence that this is a key to success. Schools often use the summer time to make larger improvements such as replacing roofs and upgrading HVAC systems. Maintaining your TfS program is important to preventing problems and keeping the school healthy. Another reason for maintaining your TfS program is the 2003 School IAQ law (PA 03-220). This law requires that schools have an indoor air program. TfS meets this requirement of the bill.


Click here to find out more about sustaining your TfS program.

School district coordinators, staff and parents often ask about what a good ongoing TfS program consists of.   Click here to find out how to maintain a comprehensive, ongoing TfS program.





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