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The Connecticut Green LEAF Schools program is a collaborative effort of the Connecticut Departments of Construction Services, Education, Energy and Environmental Protection and Public Health, as well as many Connecticut environmental and educational organizations created to promote green and healthy schools for all.  Find Out More About It: CT Green LEAF Schools


CSIERT Compendium

This section contains pdf versions of all our outreach strategies and materials, training presentations and acompanying materials, special initiatives, and evaluation materials and results.


 Table of Contents


I. Introduction  - Introductory materials, including our consortium brochure and description of CSIERT services.  NOTE:  also contains our list of "lessons learned."


II. Background Materials - Background information, including a fact sheet listing CSIERT accomplishments; a fact sheet documenting CT school district success stories, and a Journal of Environmental Health article describing the CSIERT model (A Statewide Multiagency Intervention Model for Empowering Schools to Improve Indoor Environmental Quality)


III. Buy-in Presentation Materials - Our first step in assisting school districts to implement TfS is to conduct a "buy-in meeting" for district administrators.  This section includes the Powerpoint slides and materials for that presentation.


IV. Implementation Trainings - Presentations and materials re: our 2 part implementation program and our combination workshop for  individual schools.

 A. 1st Session Workshop  - This is a 3 hour interactive workshop that covers an overview of school IAQ issues, an exercise and presentation on IAQ health issues, and a detailed review of how to use the TfS kit.

B.  2nd Session Workshop - This is a 2-hour workshop on conducting walkthrough investigations, and is scheduled around 2 months after the first session. The basics of building IAQ investigations are covered, and a group investigation exercise is conducted in one or two areas of the training site (a school).

C. "Combo" Implementation Workshop - This is 3 hour course that is a combination of the 1st and 2nd sessions described above.  This workshop is utilized where there is only one school team to be trained. The participants and coordinators packets listed above in the 1st session workshop are handed out at this session. 

V. Refresher Workshops - CSIERT offers 2 workshops for TfS teams to assist school districts to sustain their program.  The workshops combine elements of the 2 implementation workshops, with an emphasis on IAQ problem source identification.  A 2 hour workshop is conducted for school districts that have a combination of experienced and new members, and need to update their knowledge and skills.  A 3 hour workshop is offered for districts whose programs have lapsed and need to re-establish their teams.  NOTE: Occasionally school districts have opted to have a complete 2 part "re-training" program using the 2 part implementation workshops described above.

A. 2 hour Refresher Workshop

B. 3 hour Refresher Workshop

VI. Custodian Training Program -  CSIERT offers a special workshop for school district custodial and facilities maintenance staff. Besides providing additional expertise and skills to participants, this training seeks to integrate all custodial and facilities personnel into the TfS program, and to encourage them to work with the building team members (which includes a custodian). The workshop also covers green cleaning and infection control issues.


VI. Tools for Techs - The “Tools for Techs” program addresses the unique indoor air quality issues found in Technical High Schools.

VII. Train-the-trainer Workshop - This workshop was developed to provide training for staff and volunteers who would assist or lead the implementation workshops described above. 

VIII. Evaluation Materials - This section includes our efforts to evaluate our work and impact on school IEQ problems over the past 15 years.   All documents are contained in the pdf below:


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